“Lendreams” is the new corporate brand of the Corporation for Business Financing of Commerce and Communities, also known as  COFECC . It was founded in 1982 as a private, nonprofit entity exempt under Section 501 c 3 of the Federal Internal Revenue Code and certified as a Community Development Financial Institution ( CDFI ) by the Federal Department of the Treasury. In addition to offering loans to small businesses from $500 to $5 million in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands with funds from the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Rural Development Agency, since 2015, we offer different educational initiatives through various Academies, such as the Academy Business Practice, aimed at those who want to establish their own business. We also offer educational workforce development initiatives, such as the Practical Cooking Academy, to impact the creation of greater employment opportunities. These educational initiatives have expanded our mission to promote, facilitate and execute economic development, community revitalization, long-term job creation and retention, self-employment, credit and business education, and entrepreneurship, through the establishment or expansion of small and medium-sized businesses.