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My name is Shirley Proctor and I am a retired nurse who is always seeking to learn something new. I currently work part-time at a physician’s office and saw that there was a great need to improve the services in the medical billing department. I started looking online for courses but I was not too intrigued about online learning. Then I heard of a medical billing course that would be held on St. Thomas Virgin Islands and got excited about that. Getting enrolled in the class was a challenge because of so much red tape. I became discouraged and withdrew from the class. However, my mentor and encourager was Denise Hendrickson who encouraged me to stay in and pursue the course. I took her advice and now I am happy I did. The training program, M1 Enterprises, took away my reservations about online learning. Shelly Rideout, Doug Rideout, and Susan Daniel made learning the material fun. The class was a twelve-week program. For the most part, the lessons were online, but the instructors also provided in-person classes, and that made the class all the more exciting. I now have a better understanding of medical billing and how and why it can improve the financial success of the medical practice. At the end of the twelve weeks, received my Certificate of Completion – Hooray I did it! That was exciting, but the best part is that the instructors also prepared me for taking the National Certification Exam offered by AAPC. They showed a keen interest in my success in obtaining my National Certification.

“Learning with M1 Enterprises has been a great fulfilling experience for me. Doug, Shelly, and Suzanne went above and beyond to ensure we learned the material and is able to pass the national exam. 10 stars all around!!” Jasmine Roy -M1 2023 Graduate-

“M1 is truly a vital addition to the Adult education and professional advancement system in the Virgin Islands. There was a limitation in acquiring a program within the Medical Billing and Coding on island, and M1 filled that void. The instruction was great and they were so helpful in making sure everyone is successful throughout the program.  Am grateful to have completed the Medical Professional Billing program and hope to move on to Coding soon.” Niyosha Aldonza -M1 2023 Graduate-

“M1 has given me a great opportunity to learn in a safe and understanding environment.The material we learned during our twelve weeks was not easy, our instructors Susan and Shelly made sure we understood the material.It was pleasure working with them and when other individuals who are interested in the courses provided by M1 asks the overall experience, I would respond it was exceptional. When I discovered these courses were being provided, I said to myself finally opportunities for us Virgin Islanders that would work for us, any of us from parents to teachers to individuals who are already in the medical field that probably would’ve had to take different steps to retain the knowledge we gained in just twelve weeks.Thanks to Doug,Shelly, and Susan I was able to be one of those individuals. I hope they are able to retain the funding needed to continue providing courses and resources for those who are interested in learning and interested in taking the next step to ensure a successful future.” Anjelica Navarro -M1 2023 Graduate-

“The classes were straightforward and to the point. Very detailed and my favorite parts were the real life-first hand examples that Ms. Daniel used to help us understand. This program has been great and has opened many new doors for us. I hope that M1 Enterprises can continue to do their thing in the future for our people and our community.” Cydmarie Ayala -M1 2023 Graduate-

“My recent experience with the Program M1 Medical Billing Class surpassed all my expectations in terms of its interactive lectures, practical case studies, and hands-on exercises, the program ensured that I gained a solid foundation in this specialized field.The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including coding systems, claim submission, reimbursement methods, and regulatory compliance. If you’re interested in the medical field, particularly the paperwork aspect, then M1 program is definitely worth considering.” Seleena Acosta -M1 2023 Graduate-

After taking a 12 week course in Professional Medical Billing Curriculum down to the very end I am pleased to say it was an amazing experience for me . I learnt alot and the Professors were on point with every class. They were very focused and explained everything that I needed to know in order to make this journey a success. I am also pleased to say that we were all together as a team. I am elated and proud of myself and what I accomplished because of Doug and the rest of the team. Thank you very much. Jennifer Prosper -M1 2023 Graduate-

” A big decision that has changed my life!’ I knew I wanted to make a change in my career path. The opportunity to work from home placed the icing on the cake. I signed up with the MI Enterprises CPB Program and it was one of the best decisions I have made thus far. I am Sherelle Camacho, a recent graduate with M1 Enterprises CPB Program. Not only have I taken up this 12 week course and passed the class, but this class has helped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the National Exam with an 80%! I am now “Certified” and truly delighted and grateful for the opportunity I was given to take my career path into a new route and to be successful in it! Was it difficult? Of course it was, but with proper study habits, determination, attending class regularly, and having a positive attitude, this has placed me in a greater position than I was yesterday. I am excited to share all I have learned with others! ~Sherelle Camacho M1 Enterprise CPB Grad

I was able to accomplish one of my goals. I was able to learn different concepts about medical billing and coding so I can advance my career and myself.Also so I can take better care of my children. Thank you! Tushynya Gardiner